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Hydrasep® Interview

Hydrasep® can help with an Oil Spill

Technology Helps Clean Up Water Contaminated By Oil.

HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) – The gulf oil spill is still causing headaches for residents and those who fish for a living, but a company in Hernando, Mississippi said the current approach is not working and they have a way to help.

Frustration is mounting as the massive oil leak grows and millions of gallons continue to threaten the gulf and the shoreline.

Larry Matthews, president of Hydrasep, said his company was ready to step in with a revolutionary piece of equipment.

“We can process 1.2 million gallons of sea water every 24 hours,” Matthews said. “We can get the oil recovered, we can help do something, but it sits right here.”

The device built and designed by Hydrasep siphons off and captures the oil from contaminated water, leaving the water clean and over 99 percent pure.

Matthews said the current national focus was in the wrong place.

“We hear about the government worried about how it happened,” Matthews said. “There’s time for blame later on, let’s fix the problem.”

Hydrasep recently received a call from the Mississippi Governor’s office asking them to meet with a company they have contracted to help with the spill.

Matthews said he was ready to go at a moment’s notice.

“I would say if this device is one of the fixes we’ve got to move quicker because the oil is still contaminating the gulf,” Matthews said.

Matthews said he has pumps ready in various sizes. He said the current process is a start but not a solution.

SOURCE: WMCTV.com – Chip Washington