HYDRASEP®, Inc. has developed a new line of separators specifically tailored to the needs of Biodiesel production. Our BD separators are specifically designed to separate glycerin and wash water from biodiesel in either continuous or batch modes. We customize to meet your specific process needs.

If your process is continuous, if you use high shear reactors, or if you want to upgrade your batch process to sequence batching, we can assist you. If you want to double your production without doubling the size of your plant, we can assist you. Depending on your process, a HYDRASEP® will handle two or more sequenced batch reactors, thus operating in a continuous mode.

HYDRASEP® for your Biodiesel Production

We offer carbon steel or stainless steel construction for atmospheric, blanketed, pressure, or vacuum operation. Thermal insulation and heaters can also be provided.

We have a system tailored to best suit your needs, whether you want to:

  • Pre-treat your waste oil feedstock
  • Separate water after acid esterification
  • Separate glycerin from methyl esters
  • Separate wash water from biodiesel
  • Recover solids from dry wash
  • Recover biodiesel from wastewater

A HYDRASEP® separator can be used to replace slow, bulky, and heat consuming decanters. The separation process becomes continuous, saving time, valuable real estate, and energy. The HYDRASEP® has no moving parts, no replaceable parts, and does not consume any power. Unlike a centrifuge, it requires no power input and is virtually maintenance free.

Save time and heat over lengthy batch decanting. Save capital and operating cost, power consumption, and maintenance on centrifuges.

Get the results you are looking for. HYDRASEP® biodiesel separators increase production at lower capital cost and virtually no operating cost.

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