Whether your contaminant is an LNAPL or a DNAPL, HYDRASEP® will successfully remove it from the groundwater.  In many instances, the recovered product’s moisture content will be low enough to burn or recycle.

The HYDRASEP® technology is ideal for pump-and-treat systems where the free product is present. It is specifically designed to handle large fluctuations in flow rate and contaminant concentration.  These conditions are prevalent in multi-well systems.

Because HYDRASEP® has no moving parts, no replaceable parts, no coalescing elements, no meshes, and no power consumption; it is a very cost-effective low-maintenance high-performance groundwater treatment system.

Some of the groundwater contaminants that HYDRASEP® has successfully recovered include:

  • Diesel
  • PCB
  • Coal Tar
  • Creosote

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