A HYDRASEP® separator can help product recovery make your plant green while putting green back in your pocket. 

The cost of raw materials will continue to rise for the foreseeable future. Even if prices drop again, their return to year 2000 or even 2005 levels is wishful thinking. Every product or by-product on your site has cost you money to bring in and process. Product or by-product recovery can have substantial return on investment in today’s economy.

Even if treatment plants can handle the loads, the reuse or resale value of the recovered product can, in most cases, be easily justified. Reducing the load on a treatment plant, whether your own or publicly owned, will help maintain its performance and help to optimize and substantially reduce upsets and downtime. A HYDRASEP® separator is a very cost-effective tool in helping you recover and reuse products that would otherwise be lost.

With HYDRASEP®, you can make your plant green while putting green back in your pocket.

Because HYDRASEP® has no moving parts, no replaceable parts, no power consumption, and is designed to handle large fluctuations in influent characteristics, It is a very cost-effective low-maintenance product-recovery system. Your Return on Investment (ROI) on a HYDRASEP® separator can be on the order of weeks in many instances.

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