HYDRASEP® is able to handle all types of applications including Stormwater Remediation to help your company comply with regulations.

Continued concern over the nation’s water supply has generated numerous regulations, such as the Clean Water Act, regarding discharge from a wide variety of facilities. Not only are the regulations addressing potentially large spills, but also small chronic discharges.

Business and Industry are constantly striving to meet these ever increasing regulations. Many industries use oil or oil-based products. Leaks, equipment failure, accidental releases, inclement weather events, human error, or improper storage and handling of these materials may result in the contamination of nearby waters. Failure to prevent discharge into the environment may result in significant cleanup costs and penalties. Federal, state and local regulations govern discharge from a wide variety of businesses and industries.

The unique HYDRASEP® design enables superior performance (10 ppm or less!) without the use of closely spaced horizontal or inclined coalescing plates, filters, or meshes.

Standard models are designed for intermittent and variable flows from 0 to 2,000 gallons per minute containing up to 50% hydrocarbon concentrations. In the case of accidental releases (spills), the HYDRASEP® is designed and has proven its ability to handle large inrushes of oil with virtually no impact to the environment.

For larger flows, incorporating a patented HYDRAPASS® bypass basin allows for greater flow capabilities and reduced system costs without sacrificing performance. With a HYDRAPASS®, the “first flush” is sent to the HYDRASEP® and, as the storm intensity increases, subsequent clean stormwater is diverted for direct discharge. The HYDRAPASS® also provides additional sediment and floating trash retention.

HYDRASEP® has installations at:

  • Power Plants
  • Scrap Metal Yards
  • Pipeline Terminals
  • Airports
  • Transformer Yards
  • Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
  • Railroad Yards
  • Truck Stops

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