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Oil and water are among the most valuable commodities in various industrial settings across the globe. The ability to recover either and reuse these resources is invaluable economically as well as for efficiency.

Because oil and water really do mix, industries look for a simple, cost-efficient, low maintenance device to separate them. HYDRASEP® Oil Water Separators incorporate all new technology that results in a quicker, more effective method of separating oily water mixtures while saving maintenance costs.

There are a plethora of benefits in recovering both oil and water. Hydrasep Oil Water Separators come complete with superior performance, no moving parts, and zero maintenance.

The Hydrasep® Advanced oil water separator is unsurpassed in its reliability of operation for the removal and recovery of all types of oils from process and waste water. Design features include a partitioned inlet section that prevents solids from entering the separator section, a vertical plate separator section that is inherently non-clogging, a partitioned oil removal or pumping section, and a sealed clean water compartment.

The Hydrasep® does not require the use of filter meshes, which eliminates maintenance and replacement costs. The Hydrasep® can easily be incorporated as an in-line separation device in a multitude of applications.

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Hydrasep® has no internal moving parts or filters that must be serviced on a periodic basis. In most applications equipped with a GN series controller, we recommend a monthly inspection of the control unit only and an annual visual inspection of the separator.

This annual inspection requires the removal of three manway hatches and observation of the liquids within these sections. The annual inspection should take 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the type and location of the installation.

HYDRASEP® has introduced the “Bubble Spin” principle for the separation of immiscible liquids. Inclined or coalescing plate separators are designed based on Stoke’s Law. Stoke’s Law defines the separation of fluids not in motion. HYDRASEP® is specifically designed for fluids in motion.

The dynamics of motion impose an external force on the suspended particles, which causes the particles to spin, breaking their bond with the carrying liquid. Thus, the particles will cluster together and form their own layer at a predetermined height.

There are several uses for the HYDRASEP® oil water separators. Applications for wich HYDRASEP® products are used include:

  • Oilfield Surfacing
  • Production Water Recovery
  • Process Waste Water Treatment
  • Groundwater Remediation and Recovery
  • Stormwater Remediation
  • Biodiesel Production

Our products are made to order, custom designed underground or above ground, and made to handle any of the applications mentioned above.

Hydrasep® Laminar Flow Oil/Water Separators provide superior performance and lower maintenance for any hydraulic separation application.

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