Because oil and water really do mix, industries look for a simple, cost-efficient, low maintenance device to separate them. The HYDRASEP® Oil Water Separator incorporates all new technology that results in a quicker, more effective method of separating oily water mixtures while saving maintenance costs.

Patented Process

hydrasepThe superior performance of the patented HYDRASEP® process is achieved without the use of filters, meshes, incline plates, coalescing plates, media or corrugated plates. As a result, your maintenance costs can be reduced substantially. Units can be fabricated as rectangular or cylindrical vessels for above ground, below ground, or pressure applications in 5 to 3000 gpm sizes. There are various options depending on your requirements that can be built into each unit, such as special external/internal coatings and galvanized, stainless steel, or poly internal components.

Bubble Spin Principle

hydrasep1.jpgHYDRASEP® has introduced the “Bubble Spin” principle for the separation of immiscible liquids. Inclined or coalescing plate separators are designed based on Stoke’s Law. Stoke’s Law defines separation of fluids not in motion. HYDRASEP® is specifically designed for fluids in motion. The dynamics of motion impose an external force on the suspended particles, which causes the particles to spin, breaking their bond with the carrying liquid. Thus the particles will cluster together and form their own layer at a predetermined height.

The animation shows the HYDRASEP® separator process and its main internal components. The mixture is introduced into the “inlet” section where its velocity is slowed down and where heavy solids, if present, are allowed to settle. The mixture then enters the “separator” section which consists of a serpentine series of channels subdivided into multiple parallel sub-channels. These channels are specifically designed to control the velocity of the fluids (thus eliminating turbulence) and provide the required time for a particle to separate itself from the carrying liquid. An internally built “accumulator” regulates and dampens fluid surges in the flow. It works in conjunction with the channels to optimize the effects of the external forces imposed on the particles, thus improving the separation process.

The “recovered product” section is designed to prevent separated liquids from remixing. Recovered product can be removed without interfering with the operation of the separator. The “treated flow” section is designed to allow effluent to be discharged, recycled, or transferred to further treatment. All sections of the HYDRASEP® separator are specifically designed to work as an integrated system to provide the highest quality of Laminar Flow Separation.

Major Advantages

  • Simplicity of operation—uses no filters, meshes, or coalescing plates
  • Minimum maintenance, saving labor and parts costs
  • Operates as a continuous or intermittent flow separator
  • No possibility of remixing of “clean water” with separated oil

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